There are many different types of contraception and it can be very confusing trying to work out which is the best type for you. Your doctor is the best person to discuss this with.

There are 9 types of contraception available

The pill – the combined pill and progestogen only pill (mini pill) both taken orally daily.

IUD – Mirena  This is a very effective long term small contraceptive device that is placed in the uterus. It works by effecting the sperm movement and survival in the uterus so it cannot reach the egg to fertilise it. The IUD also changes the lining of the womb so it is not suitable for pregnancy.

Sterilisation – both men and women can have an operation to make them sterile. The procedure for women involves blocking the fallopian tubes. The male procedure is called a vasectomy. Both procedures are more than 99 percent effective and are permanent.


Diaphragm – a soft silicon cap worn inside the vagina

Contraceptive skin implant

Contraceptive injection

Emergency pill (morning after pill)

Vaginal ring

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