What are the symptoms of a threatened miscarriage?

The first symptoms of a threatened miscarriage are usually bleeding with or without mild period type pain.  The amount can vary, from just spotting to a lot with clots.

How is a miscarriage diagnosed?

A miscarriage diagnosis is made with the help of an ultrasound scan.   A baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound is reassuring and once the heartbeat is seen the risk of miscarriage decreases.

It is possible for the scan to show up a small blood clot around the pregnancy sac (called a Subchorionic haematoma), which identifies the source of the bleeding.

What are the ongoing effects?

A subchorionic haematoma can continue to bleed intermittently during the first trimester and usually does not cause a miscarriage.   They often disappear by the second trimester.

In most cases, the bleeding will settle after a few days.  However if the scan showed a subchorionic haematoma, there may continue to be bleeding on and off until around the second trimester.  It is also possible for bleeding to increase after going to the toilet.  This is simply due to the blood in the vagina from lying down that comes out as a result of gravity.   The bleeding may also increase as a result of coughing/vomiting, exercise and heavy lifting, so do not be alarmed should this occur.

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